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Marine Fish Price List
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Welcome to Marine Fish Supplier

Marine Fish Supplier started on 2004,wholesale exporter of  quality marine fish.We are located in Jimbaran-Bali Island.Which provides us access to one of the largest collections of marine fish in the worlds.Despite it's recents foray in to the fish  farming industry,the entrepreneurs of Marine Fish Supplier have actually chalked up over 7 years experience in the fish farming industry.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to supply quality fish,service,and dependability to our customers.Ourcornucopia of exotic fish has not only satisfied us,but ourcustomers.Though thick or thin,the pioneer of Marine Fish Supplier constanty strive to position THE SUPPLIER so that it will remain a commercially successful enterprise that will continue to thread where no other fish farms have thread before.

We guarantee every fish that leaves our tanks will ARIVE ALIVE at it's destination and will STAY ALIVE for at least 3 days after leaving our system.We can make this gurantee because :
  1.We ship only healthy speciemens
  2.We are experts at packin
  3.We use fast,reliable methods of shipping.
Minimum Order
90 kilograms is required by the airlines for volume freight rate.
Packing Cost
$10 /box,this cost include oxigen,plastic bag,styrofoam,corrugated cardboard box and handling charges.
Some fishes are seasonable,so we kindly suggest that all ordres must be accompanied with a list of second preferences for subtitution.Incase the buyer will not accept aubtitutes,we will delay the shipment until the ordered fishes are available and conditioned.We reserve the right to increase quantities of available items to reach the minimum order.Please,Furnish us your contact information (CONTAC PERSON,FAX,TELEPHONE NUMBER,E-MAIL,ETC) and nearest airport of port of entry.

Please,send us e-mail at: